web hosting


We provide the very best and reliable hosting. With our hosting you can avail of email address with your schools name instead of the standard eircom, outlook and gmail email accounts.



We have a large database of themes that you can choose from. With over 100 themes we know we have the theme to suit your schools needs. From formal school themes to very child friendly themes. We have them all.

photo editing

Photo Editing

With our skills in editing photos to suit sliders, photo galleries or header pictures. We can make photos brighten up and give life to any website.

search engine optimisation


We can provide the school with the skills to have your school displaying first on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. This will provide the school with a better reach to potential parents.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Put your school and website on the map by adding this feature into your website. Make finding the school much easier for visitors and parents.


Email Accounts

You can add the feature to add emails accounts for your staff and school. The email accounts would be unique to your school for example “example@yourschoolname.ie”. You can add this professional feature in our packages.

school committee

School Committee 

You can set up a school committee page where parents and staff can post the latest important news about the school. This simple feature could make school life a lot more easier for the committee in communicating with parents and staff.



We will add website security to your website, so no one can hack your website. Security breaches can be a problem in websites but with our knowledge we can keep your website safe from breaches.



Something some schools would be interested in would be training to keep in constant communication with parents and staff. We can provide training on how to use the schools website.

Plus Many More…

With all these features and the many, many more we have to offer. We are confident we can meet every schools needs and would be more than happy to facilitate your requests if they haven’t been listed above.